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Article Marketing Secret Tips and Tricks

Read Article Marketing Secret Tips and Tricks (45 pages)

Learn some easy-to-implement article marketing tips and convert your online business into a dollar-churning machine!

-Chapter 1: Introduction to Article Marketing
What is Article Marketing?
Importance of Article marketing
What is Viral Marketing?
How Viral Marketing Works?
Scope and Importance of Viral Marketing
-Chapter 2: How to Develop Effective Article Marketing Strategy
Step # 1: Crafting Appropriate Article:
Step # 2: Article Submission
Step # 3: Measuring Effectiveness:
-Chapter 3: What is A Successful Article?
A Successful Article
Word of Caution
-Chapter 4: How to Create Effective Article Content?
-Chapter 5: Tactics to Generate Web Traffic
-Chapter 6: Tips to Boost SEO Ranking
SEO Ranking and Its Significance
Guidelines to Improve SEO Rankings
-Chapter 7: Creating Back Links and Its Significance
What is a Back Link?
Importance of Back links
Strategies to Create Quality Back Links
-Chapter 8: Promoting Article Marketing through RSS Feeds
What is RSS?
Benefits for using RSS
How does RSS work?
Promoting Article Marketing Through RSS Feeds and Its Significance
-Chapter 9: Tips to Develop Compelling Author’s Resource Box
What Is an Author Resource Box and Its Significance
Tips to Develop Compelling Resource Box
Words of Caution
-Chapter 10: Article Submission Tips to Generate Maximum Exposure
Related Websites
Online Content Publishers
Post Them to Related Popular Blogs
Article Distribution Sites
Article Directories
-Chapter 11: Taking Advantage of Article Directories
Benefits of Article Directories
Tactics to Extract Maximum Advantage
-Chapter 12: Article Marketing Automation
What is Article Marketing Automation?
Benefits of Article Marketing Automation
-Chapter 13: Benefits of Article Marketing
It Requires Lowest Investment
Helps you develop credibility and trust
It helps you improve your expertise
It provides long-term existence
Rescue and reinvest in your work
Utilize articles in various other ways
Do you lack time or knowledge? Never mind it still works
-Chapter 14: Business Promotional Strategies through Article Marketing
-Chapter 15: Measuring Effectiveness of Article Marketing Campaign
Why to measure Effectiveness of Article Marketing Campaign
Ways to Measure Effectiveness
-Chapter 16: Do’s and Don’ts of Article Marketing
Dos of Article Marketing
Don’ts of Article Marketing
-Chapter 17: Difference between Article Marketing and Article Writing
-Chapter 18: Article Marketing - in a Bird’s Eye View

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